Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas is coming! Still thinking of what to wear?
Handmade skirts for you to choose!
Alot of colours & designs for you to choose from!
Collection 1 & 2 is up!
Pre-order is open nowww!
Helping friend to Advertise so please do not mail me about the skirts okay? (:

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For handmade bracelets made by yours truly!
lots of designs to choose from!
You can never get enough of accessories!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Hey there! YOU LIKE THEM?
So what are you waiting for?
Click on to order now yo!
All are instockksss! :D
Limited pieces so get them nowww!

Some pictures credits Skippedaway! (:

Please support thank you! :D

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Light washed Demin Jacket!
- Size S
Measurements Chest:80CM Length:39CM sleeve:55CM
SELLING FOR $35 only!

MNG INSPIRED GLOSSY JACKET! Perfectly suited for our weather cos altho it looks like leather, its actually quite a thin material and has a netted inner lining so you won't feel baked in this :)
FITS UK 6 - small 12
Local XS/S/M/L
Measures 17.5" across chest, 18" length, 23"sleeves
Selling for $34!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Forever 21 H81 Filigree Paisley Tote bag.
Used around 3 times.
Condition 9/10
Selling for $45 only.
Really really very pretty!


Topshop Tall Ruffle Bib Vest IN HOTPINK!
Brandnew with tag!
Retail $29
Selling for $25 only!
Tagged size 8.
Fits local S-M
I repeat its in hotpink!

*Picture credits Steph.

*SOLD! (:

Zebra/leopard dress/top
Worn twice!
Selling for $20!
Free size.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Twist&Kiss Navy blue dress!
Got it for $26.
Selling for $26 also
Fits local S-M
Topshop 6-10 Maybe a small 12 (:
Very prettyyy! :D
*SOLD! (:

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hocuspocing Bottega veneta inspired dress.
Worn once!
Retail $30
Selling for $28 only.
Measurements on picture!

Forever 21 white lace top.
Worn once!
Retail $48.
Selling for $29 only!
Tagged size L
Fits local S-L
Topshop 6-12

Topshop red polly pocket tunic!
Selling for $11 only!
Tagged size 8
Defects on lower tummy due to my belt.
Some holes.
Hence selling cheap!
But overall condition very good!
Ask for picture if 90 % interested!

* great for pairingwith highwaisted.
Holes will not be seen then (:

Cotton on body black cardi!
worn a few times
Condition 8.5/10
Selling for $13 only!
Tagged M
Fits local S-M
Topshop 6-10

Topshop ribbed scoop neck.
Worn once!
Retail $19
Selling for $13
Tagged size 6
Fits local S-M
Topshop 6-10

CLUBMARC Stripe tee!
Worn a few times.
Slight furrings.
Retail $39 each!
Selling for $17 each!
Buy both at $30!
Tagged L
Fits local S-M
Topshop 6-10
Topshop Pintuck Detail top
Both worn twice!
Retail $43 each!
Selling at $27 each only.
Both Tagged size 10.
Fits local S-M
Topshop 6-10

Monday, October 20, 2008

Topshop Eyelet sleeveless top in BLACK!
Worn twice
Retail $36
Selling for $29 $25 only!
*Very prettyyyy!
Tagged size 8
Fits Topshop size 6-10
Local S-M
*I repeat its in black! (:

* Picture credits Steph.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Bibs n Pleats black.
Worn once.
Bought it at $26.50Mailed
Selling for $24.50 $23 mailed.
Measurments on the picture.
*Click picture for better view (:

*Item may go on bidding if there is more than 1 people wanting it (:

Pictures credits: xthecloset & Waddlehop (:

Black Satin tube dress!
$28 only
Fits local S-M
Topshop 6-10

Monday, October 6, 2008

Topshop Topshop.

Topshop ruched Bandeau in WHITE & PINKISH PURPLE!
Retail $36 [i got the tag to prove it!]
Selling both at $31 $29$27 EACH.
Both worn twice only! :D

Topshop Summer beach Shorts.
In Green & HOTpink!

Both size 8.
Retail at $19.
Green worn a few 3-5 times.
Hotpink worn 1-2 times.
Selling green for $13.
Selling hotpink for $15.

Topshop gathered neck vest in BLACK!
Worn twice.
Selling for $25.
Perfectly good condition! [:
Tagged size 6 , but fits size 6-8 [:

Topshop Ribbed Cami In Oatmeal!
Retail $19
Selling for $15 .
worn once only.
Tagged size 8


Sunday, October 5, 2008

*All Items might go on bidding if there is more than 1 person wanting it (:
Zara Tube Dress/Top
Retail $89.90
Selling for $45 Only!
Its a steal!
Tagged Size S
Fits Topshop 6-10
Local S-M

*Very Very pretty piece!
* I'm only selling it because i'm out of cash! ):

Black Top/Mini Dress!
Worn Once only!
Retail $45.90
Selling for $32 only!
Fits Topshop 6-10
Local S-M

* Pair it with a belt Or pair it with leggings & you are off to go!
* Very pretty! :D

*SOLDDD Worn with belt! * Belt is not for sale btw. (:
Maxi Dress.
Retail $45.90
Selling for $37 only!
Fits Topshop 6-12
Local S-M or L?
*Very pretty!
*I'm 1.58cm & it end at my ankle.
*Only ask for full length picture when you are 99.5% interested!

Lylarose Tube dress.
Retail $29.50 mailed
Selling for $23 mailed only!
Fits Topshop 6-12
Local S-M or L?


[Please Fundz me thank you very much]
[I am pretty much brokee.]

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

GO JANE Strappy Gladiator sandals
Worn once!
Condition 10/10
Selling for $31 $27 only.
Very pretty!
Size 6.5
Fits local 36-37!

*Item may go on bidding if there is more than 1 person wanting it (:
*SOLD! (:

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

F21 Lena Stripe Skirt
( Fresh From Spree, Brandnew with tag)
Preppy and pretty and just right,
this lovely skirt with thin vertical stripes features round pockets
at the sides and an ever so slightly crinkled and bubbly texture.
Try pairing with leggings and wedge sandals for a great look.
Tagged Size Medium, Fits approx uk size 8,10!
- 15 inches downwards from waist to hem
Retailed for USD$16.80
Selling for $28 mailed!

*Item may go on bidding if there is more than 1 buyer!

*SOLD! (: