Monday, June 16, 2008

Yes to your surprise Colouredshapes & Redflipflops are selling Bohemian skirts together! (:
So Do support us alright .
Thank you all very much.
I Love you all to death! (:

Or you can either mail me your orders! (:

Bohemian Skirts
Available in Black / PinkishPurple / Brown
Instock items so get it fast!
2 Black /1 Redish Pink 1 Pinkish Purple /2 brown! Restocked!
Length 23 inches down.
Selling for $27 Each only.
Very pretty.

*Hip part is elastic therefore it should be able to fit from a Uk 6-14

* You can wear it as a high waisted skirt as shown Below! (:
* The black one is not shown but its Totally the same but in Plain black.

*Just so you all know.
Both of our height are around 158/159 cm.

* Dont rip our pictures off or take it without permission or what so ever.
Dont even think about it.